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Change Google Pixel 3 SMS Ringtone

Change Google Pixel 3 SMS Ringtone

Changing the ringtone of your Google Pixel 3 SMS is crucial in case you want to differentiate your smartphone. In fact, like the vast majority of laptops on the market, the Google Pixel 3 runs Android. As a result, everyone is ringing the same bell. So it often happens that you do not know who is the phone that received a message. As a result, in this guide we will find out what are the tips to change Google Pixel 3 SMS ringtone. Then we will see the method to change the ringtone with a specialized application. Finally, we will see if you can get free ringtones for SMS.

Change SMS Ringtone from Google Pixel 3 Email App

Contrary to the beliefs of many people, Google Pixel 3 does not change the ringtone. And yes, you need to use the email app to do this. So you will need to open your email app and click on it. Menu. Once done, choose Settings. When you’re there, just walk in Select a ringtone. All you have to do is choose the ringtone that suits you best. It is possible to get an extract of the ringtone by clicking on it. Once you’ve made your choice, all you have to do is confirm.

Change the Google Pixel 3 SMS ringtone using a specialized application

If you ever find that there aren’t enough ringtone options for your Google Pixel 3 text messages, you’ll be glad to know that a specialized app can be used. For example, an app like Funny SMS Ringtones & Sounds will give you a wider variety of ringtones. Once installed, browse the ringtone catalog. Once you have made your choice, it is possible to choose the ringtone for TEXTS, MMS, for the alarm clock but also for calls.

Or get free SMS ringtones for your Google Pixel 3

Assuming you want more free ringtones, you can find a good number of apps that offer them on the Play Store. Among them you have SMS Tones. Just install the app and choose the music you want for your sms. These ringtones are usually fun and can help you get rid of text messages on your Google Pixel 3.