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Change the alarm clock on XIAOMI Mi A2

Change the alarm clock on XIAOMI Mi A2

Sometimes you get tired of the XIAOMI Mi A2 alarm clock going off. In fact, having the same alarm bell is quite exhausting. So if you want to wake up with a slightly different ringtone, we will see in this guide how to change your alarm clock ringtone on the XIAOMI Mi A2. We will first see the steps to change the alarm ringtone using the alarm settings. We will then see how to change the ringtone by installing a specialized application on your XIAOMI Mi A2.

Change the alarm tone with the XIAOMI Mi A2 settings

The most convenient way to change your alarm ringtone is to use the preferences of the XIAOMI Mi A2. To do this, you will need to go to the app Clock of your XIAOMI Mi A2. This is the app you use to set your alarm clock and it looks like a clock. Once you have opened it, you need to go to the section alarms. When you’re there, click on the alarm you want to change the ringtone for. Once the alarm is open, simply select Sonner. You will then see a list of available ringtones for your alarm. You can listen to them by clicking on them. Once you know which one you want, you just have to be more picky about the help you give other people. check the ringtone and validate. That’s it, you’ll wake up to a different ringtone tomorrow morning! Assuming you don’t see the ringtone tab in the alarm menu of your XIAOMI Mi A2, this means you need to go through Settings / Sound to change the ringtone of XIAOMI Mi A2.

Change the alarm tone by installing an application on your XIAOMI Mi A2

If you want to have a wider variety of ringtones than the XIAOMI Mi A2, or if you want one of your music to play. There are apps that allow you to do this. Most of them are free and offer the possibility of changing the alarm tone of the XIAOMI Mi A2, among other things. Out of all these apps, we recommend Alarm Clock and Alarm Ring which is quite easy and functional. This application allows you to easily set a new ringtone for your XIAOMI Mi A2. Just download and install the app. Then let yourself be guided and end these old alarm clocks!