Change the ringtone of ZenFone Max M2

Changing the ringtone of your ZenFone Max M2 is vital if you want to be able to differentiate your mobile phone. In fact, like almost all current laptops on the market, the ZenFone Max M2 runs Android. As a result, everyone has the same ringtone for their text messages. So it often happens that you do not know who the phone rang. As a result, we will see in this article what solutions are available to change the SMS ringtone of your ZenFone Max M2. We will first discover how to change the ringtone of messages through the mobile messaging application. Then we will see how to change the ringtone with a specialized application. Finally, we will find out where it is easy to get free SMS ringtones.

Change SMS Ringtone with ZenFone Max M2 Email App

Contrary to what we can sometimes imagine, it is not in the settings of the ZenFone Max M2 that the SMS ringtone can be replaced. You’ll actually have to go through the email app to do so. So you need to open your email application and select Menu. When you are there, choose Settings. When you’re there, just press Select a ringtone. All you have to do is choose the ringtone that suits you best. You can get an overview of the ringtone by pressing it. Once you’ve made your choice, all you have to do is confirm.

Change the SMS ringtone of ZenFone Max M2 with a specialized application

When you find that there are not enough ringtone options for ZenFone Max M2 messages, keep in mind that it is easy to use a specialized app. For example, an app like Funny SMS Ringtones & Sounds will give you a greater variety of ringtones. Once you have installed it, take a look at the catalog of ringtones. Once you have made your choice, you can choose the ringtone for SMS, MMS, alarm clock or calls.

Or download free SMS ringtones for ZenFone Max M2

If you ever want to get even more free ringtones, there are plenty of apps on the Play Store. Among them you will have Top SMS Ringtones. All you have to do is install the app and choose the music you want for your messages. These ringtones are usually funny and thus will trigger the message on your ZenFone Max M2.