Clash Royale Season 21 Celebrates the Game’s 5th Birthday

The Clash Royale season 21 is now available to play in-game, and this season marks the game’s 5th birthday.

New season of Clash Royale

The first Monday of every month, Clash Royale makes a new season available in the game. And, in this new season of March 2021 they have focused on the celebration since it was already five years this month that the game was released to the public.

And, to celebrate this fifth anniversary or birthday of the game, from Supercell they have “dressed” the entire birthday season. This is something that we will see as soon as we access the game with the miniature of the new Legendary Arena.

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Clash Royale season 21 has a totally birthday aesthetic

In it we can see that the Sand It is an arena that we have seen before. The aesthetic is of a pink birthday cake and there are red and blue balloons in it. And this design is also transferred to the Arena in which we fight to see pink tiles imitating a cake, gores as a bridge and the aforementioned balloons.

In addition there are also, as usual, new rewards. These rewards, a total of 7o if we acquire a Pass Royale, could be obtained as we win crowns and they are different prizes in addition to the usual emojis and aspects of the tower of crowns, in this case with birthday aesthetics.

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Clash Royale Season 21 Celebrates the Game’s 5th Birthday

This season’s Arena

We also have the usual monthly challenges. In them, in addition to rewards such as legendary cards and chests, we can also obtain different exclusive emojis related to the theme of this new season. And, in addition, content creators will also be able to gift an exclusive emoji of the warrior healer.

At the moment, the balance changes that will occur are unknown, but we are sure that they will add some. If you have not opened your game yet, now is the time to do so to enjoy all the news that comes with the Clash Royale season 21.

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