Complement the series and movies you watch with Dive

Dive is an application with which to complement the movies and series we watch with our iOS device.

The application that we are going to talk about, Dive, is an interesting application for those who want to immerse themselves, to know more about their favorite movies and series as they are watching them.


On Dive We can immerse ourselves (hence its name) in the movies or series in two different ways, which appear if we press the central icon in the bottom bar of the app. The first option is choosing the channel and the movie or series that we are watching on it, and the second is by searching for the ones we are watching.

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From this point, if we follow the steps indicated by the app, we will be able to follow the movie or series scene by scene, since the app will show us all the details of the corresponding scene, as well as curiosities and the characters that appear, among others. .

Complement the series and movies you watch with Dive

Dive Provide a lot of information about many series and movies, such as on which channel the movies or series are being broadcast or are going to be broadcast, as well as the actors and actresses who play the main characters or their synopsis.

In each film or series, in addition to the aforementioned, we have a Store section where we can buy items, as well as “Did you know what” that will tell us curiosities about the shooting and the actors. We can also find more sections such as vehicles and places that appear in the film or series or the soundtrack, among others.

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Complement the series and movies you watch with Dive

The application is designed for those who want to know more details and find out about the movie or series they are watching and, of course, for those who focus exclusively on what is being seen on the screen.

Dive: Immerse yourself in your movies and series It can be downloaded from the App Store completely free of charge, so if you want to inquire into the details of your favorite movies and series we encourage you to download the application from this link.