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Control the price of Amazon products with Salva

Control the price of Amazon products with Salva

Do you follow a multitude of products on Amazon? Then the app Save It is for you since it controls the price of Amazon products notifying us of their variations, do not miss it !.

It is more than likely that many of you use Amazon When buying online and you may also have a wish list in which there are products that you want to buy but that you hope will drop in price. If this is your case Save is there to help you.


The application allows you to track the price of products from Amazon that we want as well as the lists that we have in our account Amazon.

Add a specific product

To do this, as a first option, the app gives us a series of indications and recommends us to look for the product of Amazon to which we want to control the price in a browser to later copy the product link and, on the main screen (+ icon) of the app Save, click on «Add product».

As a second option, the app proposes us to enter the email that we use in our account Amazon In order to import the public wish lists that we have created into the application, which will make it much easier for us to keep track of the price of the products we want to buy.

Offers section of the Salva app

Save It also has two sections called Trends and Offers. In Offers we will find a multitude of products that have currently seen their price reduced, being able to know the previous and current prices.

For its part, in Trends we will find products that do not have any offer or are discounted but that despite this enjoy some popularity and we may be interested.

In short, what Save allows is not to depend so much on the app or website of Amazon by not having to constantly enter to check the price of a certain product, since the application will notify us when the desired product sees its modified price.

If you regularly use Amazon to buy online and you have wish lists, we recommend you download SAVE, THE APP THAT CONTROLS THE PRICES OF AMAZON PRODUCTS.