Crack passwords on iPhone or iPad. New iOS BUG

Passwords can be easily cracked on iOS. Another security bug on your device.

It is true that in order to decrypt passwords on your iPhone or iPad, There must be some conditions that, for example, I fulfill. They are talking about security holes and it seems that no one has fallen into this configuration that can make them decrypt any of your keys.

What can make your passwords decrypt is that you have the option activated READ, in the ACCESSIBILITY settings of your iPhone or iPad. This is in SETTINGS / GENERAL / ACCESSIBILITY / READ (VOICE) / and have the option activated READ SELECTION.

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Crack passwords on iPhone or iPad.  New iOS BUG

What this function does is that when you select a text, it reads you out loud, what it puts in it. I have it active because sometimes I like to know what each emoticon means. That is why I select it and then it explains what it means. But, basically, this option is so that people with vision problems can access and read all the content that appears on the screen.

If you have that option active, you are a target to have some of your passwords cracked.


Whoever knows about this bug, can take your iPhone and as long as it is unlocked and can be accessed, you can go, for example, to the configuration of your email accounts and, where the dots of your password appear, you can select it, and press the option READ to hear what it is.

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Crack passwords on iPhone or iPad.  New iOS BUG

Not all email accounts added in ios allow access to your password. In those that allow it, the password camouflaged under the points can be read.

App passwords that allow you to remember them are also vulnerable. What it does is that when accessing the application, your username and password are displayed (under the typical dots). So we just have to click on access and we will save, whenever we enter, having to enter username and password.

Crack passwords on iPhone or iPad.  New iOS BUG

That is why on that screen, if we select the dots of the password and click on the option READ, we deciphered it.

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If you leave a password on an app or website and leave it on the screen, without accessing it, it can also be decrypted with this method.

All those that you have configured in the keychain of iCloud they cannot be deciphered. Therefore, all those that are placed automatically thanks to this iCloud function, cannot be decrypted.


  • Do not leave the iPhone unlocked and accessible to anyone.
  • Always put an access code to the mobile.
  • Deactivate the READ SELECTION option. Obviously, whoever accesses your device can activate it and access the decryptable passwords. You have to be careful.
  • Deactivate the REMEMBER PASSWORD option in apps that allow it to be done.
  • To our delight, there are few email accounts that allow access to your password. In those that allow it, be careful not to have an abnormal activity in it.
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We have forwarded this bug to APPLE and we hope that it will solve it shortly.

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