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Customize your game with the new Clash Royale update

Customize your game with the new Clash Royale update

The new summer update of clash royale It includes many aspects that allow us to customize the game to our liking.

Clash Royale Update

We are more than used to the fact that, when a new month begins, clash royale launch a new season. But now, to the surprise of many of us, clash royale has released a rather flashy new game update.

The new update is entirely based on the personalization. For this, the new banners have been launched. Banners are fully present both on the game screen and at the start of battles. And they can be customized.

With this update comes new Duels, in addition to the customization banners

Customizing them is made up of several elements. First we have a frame that acts as a background. Overlapping the frame we can add an ornament with elements from the game. And finally, we can add up to three badges of all we have.

Speaking of badges, if you want an exclusive badge, you can unlock it if you see all the credits in the Settings section of the game. And, as you can imagine, these new elements (frames and decorations) can be unlocked, among others, with the new Banner Box that can be opened with banner tokens or gems.

Personalization with the different elements

In addition to this, with the update there have also been visual improvements and improvements to different sections such as the profile, being able to choose, for example, which badges appear in our player profile.

Duels have also been changed. These will now be available to play outside of Clan Battles. And, in addition to the already known duels, the duel decks and a new duel with deck bans arrive. On the other hand, the card merchant is now in the shop and there are new mastery tasks.

To have access to all the news of this update of clash royale you just have to update the game from the apps Store. Once updated, you will be able to see and learn in depth all these new details that allow us to personalize our experience in the game. What do you think of this Clash Royale update?