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Cyberpunk 2077 – Male V’s romance with an NPC available via a code change. CDPR explains why


Below you will find spoilers from the game Cyberpunk 2077. You read at your own risk.


  • editing a fragment of the Cyberpunk 2077 code allows you to conduct a love thread between the male V and Judy, taking into account gender-specific dialogue issues;
  • CD Projekt Red says the plans were from the beginning to identify Judy as a homosexual character, and the male dubbing in the romance scenes with her was taped for other, more pragmatic reasons.

A few days ago, inquisitive modders (including the one from the FredrickFlower YouTube channel) found a way to get into an affair with Judy Alvarez in Cyberpunk 2077without controlling the female version of V. How is this possible? It turns out that it was enough to change a few lines of the game code. Interestingly, both the interactions and the voice take into account the male V and only in some dialogues other NPCs speak to us in the female form.

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So Internet users started to think – since all female issues related to the romance with Judy were also recorded in the male version, did the creators plan at any stage of the production process that Alvarez would also be prone to heterosexual relationships?

Doubts were dispelled by CD Projekt Red himself, who shared his position on this topic in the pages of Eurogamer. The developers say that Judy was to be programmed from start to finish to build a love relationship with the female V. So what do these male dialogue lines mean? Well, apparently it was easier to record all lines of text for both genders than to take into account only some of them – otherwise it would be easy to make mistakes that would have to be made up for with extra dubbing sessions.

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In short, such a romance option was simply not planned and if you were honestly counting on it, you must either come to terms with reality or use the modder’s instructions and mix up the Cyberpunk 2077 code a bit.. That’s good, isn’t it?

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