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Dbrand makes one of the best trolls ever: SOMETHING

Dbrand makes one of the best trolls ever: SOMETHING

On Tuesday there was the launch of the highly anticipated Nothing Phone (1), all in all a mid-range characterized by a original design thanks to LED (customizable) and from transparent backwhich would be a crime to cover with a cover (and in fact it comes with a transparent cover).

She is also convinced of it Dbrand, the company famous for its cover, whose chief executive officer Adam Ijaz claimed that if they can’t cover it, “how can they profit from it? ”But the company decided that the look of the phone was interesting and so developed an idea that it is trolled that plagiarism.

As you can see from the image of opening, Dbrand has produced a series of cover, you call ironically “Something” with the same character as Nothing and available on its site, which allow you to “resume” the design of Nothing Phone (1) on iPhone 13 Pro Max, Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung S22 Ultra.

But Dbrand did not stop here and on back of the coverin addition to the usual CE lettering and the model of the phone to which it is intended and always in the same character as Nothing, has inserted a real Easter Egg: Something Technology Limited, 34.47972001011N 113.3353001040W. The last two digits are real geographical coordinates and if you go to see what they indicate on Google Maps, we find precisely Nothing, a place northwest of Phoenix, Arizona (USA).

Dbrand is not new to this kind of gimmicks, just see what happened with the PS5 Darkplates, then changed, but this time they really went further. On the page of their site have not only made fun of the ridiculous figures at which the first specimens auctioned on StockX have arrived, but they even claim the plagiarism, stating that it is not a crime:

Someone could accuse us of theft. Here is our answer: We have not stolen anything. After all, we’ve spent a lot of time looking into the internal hardware thanks to our Teardown initiative. As a result, we are qualified to steal a certain aesthetic and “reinterpret it creatively” for other devices. It is not theft, it is plagiarism, which is absolutely not a crime. We verified.

Whatever you think, the new line of covers Something is available on the website of Dbrand in limited quantities. THE prices? They start at $ 24.95 for the Skin version and $ 49.90 for the case, and the company plans to create covers for other devices such as Nintendo Switch.