Delete messages sent on Telegram for iPhone

We can now delete the messages sent in Telegram from the iPhone, and thus prevent the other person from seeing what we have sent.

Today we talk about the possibility of delete messages sent on Telegram, a great novelty that allows us to rectify in time if we have made a mistake.

Until now we could only edit a message that we had sent, something that is also quite good and that can save us from some other important gaffe. Telegram developers always go a little further and now give us the ability to completely delete a sent message.

The truth is that they always listen to the needs of users and thanks to this, they have become one of the best instant messaging applications.

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What we must do is go to the conversation which is the message we want to delete, in this case, although we can also modify it. To see how to do it, press HERE.

To do this, we select the message until a small menu appears at the top of it. In this menu, click on the button “plus” and then select the message and click on the trash can, as seen in the following image …

Delete messages sent on Telegram for iPhone

Now, when we click on the trash, it will give us the option to delete this message for ourselves or delete it for the other person as well. Obviously, we select the option to delete it for both parties.

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Delete messages sent on Telegram for iPhone

Of course, to delete the messages it has to be before 48 hours from when you sent it. If more than that time passes, we can only “remove it for me.” If your sent message meets these conditions, congratulations… you are saved.

So if you were looking for an application that would allow you to delete sent messages, Telegram is the first that has managed to do this.