Delete sent WhatsApp messages, it will be possible

Apparently, shortly, we will be able to delete sent WhatsApp messages.

In the latest beta (trial version) that has been released WhatsApp, Many of the users who have been able to test it have confirmed that it is possible to delete messages from WhatsApp sent.

Who has not sent a wrong message or has regretted a comment out of tune? I have personally suffered this many times. The last one was at a bachelor party, when sending a photo with the event shirts and the groom’s costume, to the wrong group where, of course, the now married man was present.

It is one of the functions that the users of this messaging app have always asked for with more impetus… BE ABLE TO DELETE MESSAGES FROM WHATSAPP.

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It seems that at last, the developers of this famous application are going to implement it in future versions.


Here we show you a video in which you can see the REVOKE option, which we will have to press to delete the sent message:

WhatsApp beta for iOS how revoking messages work. #hidden #whatsappbeta pic.twitter.com/pEfGfZO1gN

— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) December 14, 2016

Will the message be deleted only before the user reads it, or will it also be deleted once it is read? If it is only deleted if it has not been read by the receiver, it will allow us to know if it has been read or not. If it can be deleted even if the recipient has seen it, we are almost in the same as now. You will always have the resentment of whether you have read it or not.

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It is rumored that it can be deleted whether or not the recipient has read it. Hopefully not.

What will appear to the recipient of the message is a little message like a message has been deleted.

It is also commented that we can delete any photo or video from our receiver’s phone. This will make the videos shared, by us, and hosted on the phone of our contact, we can delete them so that they are not available.

We are waiting for new news. As soon as we know more about it, we will tell you about it.