Discover new videos with the Explore tab of YouTube

YouTube has added a new Explore tab to its mobile app for Android and iOS. The Explore tab replaces the old Trends tab and is designed to help you discover new videos to watch on YouTube. The trends continue, but only as part of Explore.

YouTube helps you discover new videos

YouTube now has billions of videos. Some are brilliant, some are terrible, and most are somewhere in between. The problem has always been separating the wheat from the chaff. And as the number of videos increases, that problem increases with him.

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The company’s latest attempt to help you discover new videos worth watching is its new Explore tab. This replaces the Trending tab in the mobile app and features multiple landing pages such as Music & Games, as well as other trending videos.

How to use YouTube’s new Explore tab

You will find the new Explore tab second from the left at the bottom of the mobile app. Clicking will bring up the landing pages mentioned above such as News, Movies & Shows, and Fashion & Beauty. With YouTube he plans to add more over time.

The Trending tab in the YouTube app is becoming the Explore tab.

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You’ll now find all of this👇 in 1⃣ place:

📍Destination pages for Gaming, Learning & more
📍A more prominent spot for Creators & Artists on the Rise
📍What’s trending on YouTube right nowhttps: //

– TeamYouTube (@TeamYouTube) March 12, 2020

Below is a source of videos that YouTube recommends. This will include trending videos as well as recommendations from “Creator on the Rise” and “Artist on the Rise”. The latter two are emerging content creators and emerging music artists, respectively.

The trends have not completely disappeared, they have only moved within Explore. Clicking on Trends will still display a mix of videos showing what’s happening on YouTube and in the world at large. And the same videos are delivered to all users.

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Other ways to discover new YouTube channels

As with everything YouTube does, the Explore tab is designed to keep you watching videos. And, to YouTube’s credit, it’s a useful addition to the app. And if the new Explore tab still leaves you wanting, here are 10 tips for mastering YouTube.