Discover the intensity of the coverage on the iPhone

Find out with numerical values, the coverage on the iPhone from the home screen. This way you will know exactly if it is optimal.

Today we are going to teach you see the intensity of the coverage on the iPhone with numerical values, thus seeing if we have optimal coverage or if, on the contrary, it does not work correctly.

Believe it or not, the iPhone is still a mobile and therefore we depend on coverage to do almost everything. Coverage may be something that goes unnoticed, but it is the main part of our device and we depend on it to do everything.

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To see if we have a lot or little, just look at the top and see if we have full bars or not, but … what if there is another way?


What we must do is go to the phone calls and from there dial a sequence that will give us access to the mode “field meter”.

The sequence that we have to mark is the following “* 3001 # 12345 # *”, Obviously we must ignore the quotation marks. By marking this sequence and then clicking on the call button, we will access this menu that we have talked about.

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Discover the intensity of the coverage on the iPhone

Being in this menu, we see at the top the intensity of our signal and if it is really optimal or not. But we can still go further, if we click on the button “Home” and we go to the home screen, we will see how in the upper part, where the circles appeared before, now these values ​​will appear for a few seconds.

Discover the intensity of the coverage on the iPhone

In this way we will know exactly if our coverage in the iPhone It is good or it is bad and if we have to talk to our company to solve this problem for us.

But for the moment, we can see the intensity of our signal with numerical values ​​and leaving aside the famous coverage circles.

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