Discover the Spotify music you listen to the most on your iPhone

Now you can see the Spotify music you listen to the most and do it from a list that the same application will create for you to play it.

Today we teach you to see the Spotify music we listen to the most in our day to day and have it at hand in a list that the app will create for us.

Spotify It is undoubtedly the best streaming music platform and proof of them is the number of subscribers it has every day. Although it now has a great competitor in Apple Music, it has not yet been able to snatch the reign of streaming from it and thanks, above all, to its constant renewal and the services it offers.

Now in addition, they have implemented a good option, in which we see the music or genre of music that we listen to the most and put it together in a daily list.


We have told you that this music is the one we listen to the most in our day to day and based on this and the musical genre we listen to, Spotify creates a list for us.

This list can be found in the part of “Your library” and we will have this tab right at the top. This tab is called “Your Daily Mix”.

By clicking here, we will see the lists that Spotify creates for us based, as we have commented, on the musical genre that we listen to the most. We just have to select the one we want to listen to at that moment and reproduce it.

We will find a medley of music that we are sure we like, since it is all we have been listening to in the app. In addition, the list will be updated every day and every day we will have a different one.

Therefore, if you were unaware of this Spotify option, feel free to start using it because it is a real success on the part of the developers of this streaming music platform.