Do you know if there is anyway to turn off the NTP iPod pinging server?

We have a lot of iPod Touch devices deployed in an Enterprise environment, they are pinging the NTP server and it seems to be for proper time keeping. Is there still possible to disable the devices that ping the NTP server? We’re hearing from the networking guys that pinging is slowing down networking. The real problem we are trying to solve is the WIFI drop, for some reason these devices are dropping 5 to 8 times a day and the networking guys are saying this is due to the iPod Touch devices pinging the NTP server. Is the traffic so high to cause WIFI deadlines?

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Easy. Go to Settings> General> Time & Date> Auto Off.

This will allow you to manually set the time on the iPod and prevent it from pushing Apple’s NTP server (time.apple.com).

More here.

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