Does deleting my backup on my iPhone give me more space?

I’m running out of space on my iCloud and my memory in general. If I delete the backup, do I get more space for the photos?

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If you disable / delete the iCloud backups of the iOS device, it will truly free up the space in your iCloud account. This just means that you will have more space available in the cloud, not on the actual device.

If iCloud Photo Library is enabled, it should be noted that iCloud backups will not include media as they are already uploaded to the cloud.

To free up space on your actual iOS device (again, assuming iCloud Photo Library is enabled), make sure it’s checked Settings > iCloud > Photos > Optimize Storage .

Yes. It sure will. An easy way to free up a lot of iCloud space for your images is to delete backups. If iCloud storage is still nearly full, maybe other cloud services are good for you. However, you should know that it is only for you to have more space on iCloud and not on your own devices.

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