Dog at Baldur’s Gate 3 petted by 400,000 times. 98% of players romance the NPC


  • 98.63% of players became interested in one of the romance threads in BG3;
  • 33% of people had an affair with Gale and 31% with Shadowheart;
  • the dog has been stroked already 400 thousand. times;
  • the latest patch improves animations in dialogues and the sound system (the second issue results in better performance on weak PCs).
  • Developers from Larian Studios have published the tenth note from the Community Update series, in which they share more statistics about the Baldur’s Gate III RPG game. This time we have, among others information on the popularity of romance plots – as many as 98.63% of players decided to spend the night with one / one of the heroes / NPCs.

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    33% of players romanced the brilliant mage Gale, and 31% chose the distant priestess of Shadowheart. The creators deliberately did not provide the statistics of the other companions – instead, players were encouraged to try to guess them.

    The following paragraph contains a small spoiler from the Early Access version of Baldur’s Gate III regarding a choice that a player has to make at some point.

    The statistics related to the factions present in the game are also interesting – 74.85% of players decided to help the Devils. The other players sided with Minthara’s drow.

    Another interesting detail concerns stroking the dog – The quadruped in the game has received this little tenderness already 400 thousand. times.

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    The note also contains a lot of information about the changes in the latest patch. The most important of them concern numerous corrections to animated dialogue scenes. Some of them were created practically from scratch – all to give them a film-like character (this applies, for example, to a song sung by a certain horned lady). The developers have also improved the game’s sound engine, thanks to which it should work better on weaker computers.

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