Donald Trump orders WeChat and TikTok to be banned

It didn’t end with threats. Source – Gamerant.

For some time now, the thought of banning applications related to the Chinese government has been sitting in the head of the President of the United States. As we wrote earlier, TikTok may have huge problems because of this, because the US is a huge market of active users for it, and its popularity is constantly growing there. It turned out that the threats and plans did not end, because President Trump has issued two executive ordinances that prohibit any transactions between US companies and ByteDance (the company behind TikTok) and WeChat (the largest Chinese instant messenger – the equivalent of WhatsApp or Messenger). The regulations will come into force in 45 days.

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The TikTok regulation says that the data collected by the application allows the Chinese Communist Party to access personal information about many Americans, which could potentially allow the Chinese to track the location of government employees and even create “files” with information for blackmail.

In response, TikTok officials said that all US data is stored in the US and Singapore, not in China. In turn, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, Mr. Wang Wenbin, stated that such actions against a Chinese company are an expression of monopoly behavior, contrary to the principles of free market.

This seems to be the only way for TikTok to avoid sanctions would be a forced sale of some shares to a US company, and it is said that after the collapse of Mixer, Microsoft is interested in it.

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Donald Trump orders WeChat and TikTok to be bannedThe ability to choose a messenger is not common everywhere.

Even more interesting is the case of the second executive regulation concerning the ban on transactions with WeChat. This name may not tell you much, but it is a WhatsApp-style messaging application it is installed on over a billion devices, including almost 99% of smartphones in China. It is also the only way of communication between people living in China and those outside the country, as most other messengers are prohibited there. As Wall Street Journal reporter Liza Lin notes, there are a lot of Chinese families in the US who would lose the only opportunity to contact their loved ones, which seems to be a more serious problem than the inability to record a funny video on TikTok.

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It’s no secret that WeChat is owned by Tencent, a company that owns a lot of gaming companies. However, as LA Times reporter Sam Dean assures, all other entities in which Tencent has an interest are safe. The largest and most famous companies in which the Chinese giant has a stake are Epic Games and Riot Games, well-known for games such as Fortnite, League of Legends and Valorant.

Donald Trump’s actions on the application with Chinese pedigree are the subject of much debatebecause many people agree with his views on espionage and that potentially harmless programs can gather a wealth of critical information and use it for illegal purposes. In turn, the opponents of such a policy are also heard loudly, who believe that in the era of globalization it does not matter who is behind which company, and such bans will only make our data vulnerable to leakage anyway.

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