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Download the official Eurovision 2022 app and follow the final from your iPhone or iPad

Download the official Eurovision 2022 app and follow the final from your iPhone or iPad

With the official application you can follow the final of Eurovision 2022 from your iOS device, as a companion during the gala.

Official app of Eurovision 2022

Tomorrow, May 14, the final gala of Eurovision 2022. This event is capable of mobilizing millions of people and the organization knows it. For this reason and as usual, the official app is available with which to follow the final gala live while it is broadcast on TV. It will certainly be one of the most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone.

If you are passionate about this great European event or do not have a plan for Saturday night, we encourage you to download the app and watch the show that will start at 9:00 p.m., relying on this great application that will give you all kinds of of details about everything that happens on stage.

We just have a lot of information. Clicking on any publication that appears on the screen we will access all the information that each of the articles gives off. Of course, they are in English but there is no problem because you can translate them into Spanish by pressing the translation icon that appears in the upper right part of the post.

Main screen of the app

As mentioned, we can learn information about the participants. To do this, we have to access the participants section, and we will see all the countries that have participated, as well as those that have passed the two semifinals and are in the final.

All participants

If we click on any of them, we will be able to know different information about the song, the singer, listen to the song, their social networks, the lyrics of the song… .

All the information about the participants in Eurovision 2022

During the live show, the application will send us updates about the artists who are going to perform. It will show you the lyrics of each song for you to sing from home, information about the country and all the results. It is interesting to activate notifications in the app to notify us.

But best of all, the app offers a feature that allows you to cheer from home. By hitting the cheer button like crazy, you personally influence the level of applause that artists and viewers around the world hear after a performance.

The application also allows you to cast your vote and decide who wins the 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest (for a fee). After broadcasting, you will receive a special message thanking you for your support.

Do you dare to download it and support your favorite song?

Download Eurovision Song Contest