Download these free apps for iPhone and iPad TODAY ONLY!!!

Here we bring you the free apps for a limited time, today’s highlights April 22, 2022. Run and download them. The offer can end at any time.

Free apps for iPhone and iPad

The weekend is here and to combat moments of boredom, we bring you five free apps for a limited time that you will love. They are the best offers of the moment. Remember that in APPerlas we only mention the ones that are really worth downloading.

We want to clarify that all the apps that we name in this section are completely free. We ignore all free applications with some type of subscription or in-app payments. It is something that differentiates us from all the other compilations that you can see on the internet. Without a doubt, ours is 100% free.

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Limited-time free apps for iOS, today only:

We ensure that these apps are FREE at the time of publishing this article. Right at 9:09 p.m. (Spain time) on April 22, 2022.

Outcast for Watch :

Outcast for Watch

A standalone podcast player for the Apple Watch. Leave your phone at home and browse, download and play podcasts on the go. Search for podcasts right on your watch. Download episodes using Wifi or mobile data. Play them if you have AirPods or Bluetooth headphones connected.

Download Outcast for Watch

Rhymes! :


Are you looking for good rhymes? Then you are in the correct dictionary. The app helps you find rhymes for your poems, song lyrics, rap lyrics, and much more. This app is the perfect solution for beginners in the field of lyrics, such as beginner rappers for rap rhymes or poetry writers. Also for school. The only bad thing is that it is in English. If you don’t master that language… it can help you review and practice it. Not everything is bad.

Download Rhymes!

MovieSpirit – Movie Maker Pro :


With this app we will be able to combine various multimedia files, such as videos, photos, music, text, recordings and create graffiti with our fingers, and according to our creativity, edit them together and add various special effects (scene change effects, text animation , filter effects, video intro, masks, etc.) to create our own movie.

Download MovieSpirit

picFind – Find some different :


This is a classic game of finding differences. You now have 170 images. Each pair of images has something different, you need to find them in time. picFind will continue to update and add more images in new updates.

Download picFind

Face Camera+ :

Face Camera+

App created for all those who are not great photographers or Instagram models. Watch the process of creating professional photos. Before each session, the photographer sets up a complicated set of lights. A successful lighting setup takes time and a lot of experience. Each shot, in turn, requires dozens of photos. Only the best of these photos goes to the post-production phase and it is a 6-8 hour job. Face Camera+ it does it all automatically in a few seconds.

Download Face Camera+

If you download these apps on sale and then delete them, you can always download them again for free, whenever you want. That is why it is interesting to download them all. Any day we may need them.

Don’t let them escape.