Eliminate keyboard vibration on Huawei Enjoy 9S

When using a Huawei Enjoy 9S, you may have noticed that the Huawei Enjoy vibrates as soon as you use the keyboard. In fact, every time you press a key, the phone vibrates. For some people, the vibration of the keyboard is annoying and can annoy the user. There are several ways to turn off the keyboard vibrator on the Huawei Enjoy 9S. In fact, depending on the version of Android or the keyboard used, the solution will be different. We will first learn how to remove the keyboard vibrator if Huawei Enjoy 9S is under Android 5 or 6. Then we will learn how to turn off the keyboard vibrator if you use Gboard on Huawei Enjoy 9S. Finally, we will see how to eliminate keyboard vibration if you are using a different keyboard.

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Turn off the keyboard vibrator if Huawei Enjoy 9S is lower than Android 5 or 6

This solution only applies to mobile phones that are under Android version 5 or 6 . To find out if Huawei Enjoy 9S is part of it, you can access Settings / About phone / Android version. If you have a version higher than 6, you can proceed to the next paragraph. If you have Android 5 or 6, this is extremely easy. In fact, all you have to do is go to setup menu Huawei Enjoy 9S, then on Sound and notifications . Then go there Other sounds and now you just have to uncheck the Vibrate box when pressed . You can also clear the touch comment box. Okay, you don’t have a keyboard vibrator on Huawei Enjoy 9S anymore.

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Remove the vibrator from the Gboard keyboard installed in the Huawei Enjoy 9S

If you use Google keyboard on Huawei Enjoy 9S, this is the methodology to eliminate keyboard vibrations. You will need to access the Huawei Enjoy 9S settings menu and then the advanced settings. When you’re there come in Language and seizure , then press Gboard . When you’re done, go to preferences and just uncheck the box Vibrate on each key . If you do this, you should no longer have vibrations on the Huawei Enjoy 9S keyboard.

Eliminate keyboard vibration on your Huawei Enjoy 9S

If you use a keyboard other than Gboard, don’t worry, the process is the same. In fact, you will have to go to Settings / Languages ​​and input and click on the keyboard that is installed by default in Huawei Enjoy 9S. If all goes well, a tab may appear Parameter or setting where you can uncheck keyboard shake or keyboard response. If you can’t find it, you always have the option of looking for the keyboard documentation that is installed on the Huawei Enjoy 9S.

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