Eliminate the beeping of the Honor V30 keys

Like most phones, the Honor V30 beeps briefly when you click a key on the keyboard. It often happens that it bothers people and we can understand it. In fact, the tone of the key is not always necessary and, above all, it is not silent. So if you want to be able to write a message during a meeting without being disturbed by the key sounds of the Honor V30, then this article will help you. We will first see the method to remove keystroke on Honor V30. Next, we will find out what the key tone is for. Finally, for those who want a change, we will learn how to change the key beep on the Honor V30, if they want a different sound.

Tutorial to remove key beep from Honor V30

If you want to suppress the key sounds of the Honor V30, you will find that it is very easy. To do this, just go to settings honor V30. When you are there, go to the tab Language and seizure. When you’re there, you’ll be able to discern the different keyboards that are built into the Honor V30. Then you need to click on the default smartphone keyboard, then go to preferences. Once you’re there, look for the option Sound in every key and stop it. As of now, you shouldn’t be bothered by the beep when using the Honor V30 keyboard.

How useful are the key sounds on the Honor V30?

The key beep is an honest move, but it still has a use. In fact, like the vibration of the keys, the key beep warns the Honor V30 user that the mobile has understood the command. Look, that’s it! So you have no doubts about the removal of the key sound from the Honor V30.

How to change the sound of the keys on Honor V30

If there are any of you who do not want to remove the key beep, but simply change it, then we will see how to do it. You should know that the sound keys are associated with the active keyboard on the Honor V30. So if you want to change the key pitch, you must change the keyboard. It is not a very complex manipulation, you just have to download one from PlaySore and install it. Then go to settings to activate it.