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Enable 3G or 4G on Vkworld S8

Enable 3G or 4G on Vkworld S8

In case you want to have access to the internet on the Vkworld S8, it is necessary to use the 3G or 4G network. It often happens that for one reason or another, the Vkworld S8’s 4G or 3G network is turned off. In this case, it is impossible for the mobile phone to connect to the web. If you ever find yourself in this situation, we’ll find out how to enable and manage 3G and 4G. We will first find out the technique to activate 3G and 4G on the Vkworld S8. Later we will discover the method to activate mobile data. Finally, we will see how to disable mobile data in case you want to save your subscription.

The procedure to enable 3G/4G on Vkworld S8

In case you want to enable 3G or 4G on the Vkworld S8, you will have to go to the menu of the parameters of the Vkworld S8. When you’re there, go to the section wireless and networking and then in Mobile Network. Once you’re there, click Preferred network type. So you have to come up with a menu with some possible options. To enable 3G or 4G on your Vkworld S8, you will need to select: 4G/3G/2G car. This option will allow the laptop to automatically connect to the most powerful network. If you ever want to save your mobile data, you have the option to select another option. So if you click 3G only, your Vkworld S8 will only use the 3G network and thus will not connect to 4G when it is available. So if 4G is not included in your subscription, this solution may be convenient.

How to enable mobile data on a Vkworld S8

Once 3G is enabled on the Vkworld S8, you need to enable mobile data before you can connect to the web. To do this, you just have to download it. notification bar. Once this is done, log in later. shortcuts. You will then see some shortcuts that will allow you to turn full features on and off. To activate mobile data, you just need click the mobile data icon which is represented by two arrows. When it’s done, you should see 3G or 4G appear next to the network indicator at the top of the Vkworld S8 screen.

How to disable mobile data on Vkworld S8

If you have ever been abroad or just want to save your data, be aware that it is easy to cut off mobile data on Vkworld S8. To do this, drag down the notification bar of the Vkworld S8. Then click on Shortcuts. Once you’re there, just deselect the cellular data icon. To know if it is disabled, the icon must be grayed out. So your Vkworld S8 will not connect to 3G or 4G network.