Epic Games sues goggle maker AR Nreal by name

Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against the company of AR Nreal glasses for an alleged trademark infringement. He claims that the company name “looks and sounds practically identical” to Unreal and said “it’s not a coincidence.” Epic also said in the lawsuit that the two companies are competing in the same market and suggested that the similarity could cause confusion.

Epic has ten registrations for ‘Unreal’ alone or in connection with another term for a wide range of goods and services including but not limited to software, video games, virtual worlds and 3D visualizations, animations and platforms.

Nreal released its Nreal Light mixed reality glasses in South Korea last year and plans to release them in the US this quarter, as El bordenotas. Although Epic doesn’t have its own AR hardware yet, has shown interest in the AR / VR space. In 2017, Epic released Robo Retreat, a virtual reality game developed with the Unreal Engine.

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Epic is seeking a court order that would force Nreal to withdraw its trademark application, as well as unspecified damages. Businesses have been fighting for the Unreal moniker for a few years. They had been in discussions about a deal but were unable to reach an agreement, according to the lawsuit.

Nreal has faced other legal problems in the US Last year, a court threw out a Magic Leap claim that Nreal founder and CEO Chi Xu, a former employee, used “stolen” secrets to help create your company. Epic, of course, is embroiled in another major lawsuit. The third week of your bench trial against Apple is underway.

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