Explode the Rise of the Blobs 3D Puzzle Cubes

There are many Tetris-style puzzle games, but Rise of the Blobs brings us a different formula as it offers a true 3D experience. This addictive game takes you to a world invaded by robot cubes, those who are willing to invade your world and only you can avoid it.

The game has a funny story, where you and the nice cloud Marsh Mal They must prevent the robot cubes from invading their world, for this you must throw fruits at them which will destroy them instantly. Big fun.

Rise of the Blobs features

  • Simple tutorial in Spanish to learn to play quickly.
  • Puzzle completely in 3D.
  • Various game modes to never get bored.
  • Scenarios completely in 3D.
  • Unlockable power-ups for better gameplay.
  • You can share your achievements and games through Facebook.
  • Amazing rewards for completing missions.
  • You can customize your cloud. Many outfits that you will unlock.
  • You will be able to compete in the weekly leaderboard, and thus be among the best of Rise of the Blobs.
  • You will have access to Robot Invade, to have completely exclusive content.
  • Many achievements to unlock.
  • Automatic synchronization between devices, very easy to do.

Download Rise of the Blobs

A completely different puzzle game that quickly introduces you to a 3D world and lots of fun that will keep you glued to your mobile device for hours.

Rise of the Blobs It is a free game, and it is compatible for all mobile devices Android 2.2 and later versions.