Find places with free Wi-Fi from Facebook

A news has arrived on Facebook that will allow us to search for places with free Wi-Fi and thus be able to connect, a great option on this social network.

Today we are going to teach you search for free Wi-Fi from Facebook, a novelty that the developers of this app have implemented and that we are going to allow ourselves to search for areas with free Internet.

Whenever there is an update of Facebook, most of the time we do not know what news it presents and we have to go looking to see what is new and what is not. In this case, a new tab has been found that allows us to see Wi-Fi areas with free Internet, a great option if we are going to go abroad.

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But this option is somewhat hidden and therefore you have to look for it, that is why we are going to show you where it is.


What we have to do is enter Facebook and go to the settings menu, that is, the one that is in the lower right with 3 horizontal lines.

Once inside, we will see several tabs and one of them says “see more” and click on it. Many more tabs will be displayed, among which is the one we are looking for.

Find places with free Wi-Fi from Facebook

Click on the tab «Find wifi» and it will ask us to give it permission to activate the location. Here comes the drawback, since it asks us to have the location activated even if we are not using the app, therefore the battery consumption is going to be affected.

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Once we have accepted the permits, we will see on the map with a red circle the places where we have free Wi-Fi and therefore, we can use it.

Find places with free Wi-Fi from Facebook

Just click on that circle to tell us where it is, also at the top we have a tab that says “Ready”, where all the places that we have nearby appear in a list.

Therefore, if you were unaware of this Facebook function to find free Wi-Fi, you already know that it is fully available.