Fitbit preparing snoring and noise detection

The latest update to the Fitbit app contains the startups for nighttime snoring and noise detection, along with a cute way to think about your sleep habits.

Today, Fitbit offers a fairly straightforward sleep tracking system, which uses the fitness tracker on your wrist to measure how long your body is in each sleep cycle based on factors like your heart rate and movement. With the release of Fitbit 3.42 today via the Play Store, Google’s acquired health app is gearing up for trackers to be used to help determine why you may not be sleeping well or not feeling restless about the night. morning.

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With “Detection of snoring and noise” enabled, your Fitbit will turn on the microphone when it detects that you have fallen asleep and then it will begin to listen to ambient noise, including your possible snoring.

How does Fitbit’s snoring and noise detection work?

During sleep, the microphone on your Fitbit device can monitor noise, including snoring from you or someone next to you. Throughout the night, the app searches for:

  • Sound intensity: The application analyzes the noise level (how loud or quiet it is) to determine the reference noise level.
  • Snoring events: we look for specific snoring noises. When the Fitbit algorithm detects an event that is louder than the reference noise level, it performs a calculation to decide if it is snoring or something else. If the noise level in your room is louder than snoring, this feature may not be able to pick up snoring.
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As expected, Fitbit has no way of knowing who’s snoringSo if you have a partner who snores, know that their nightly sounds will be included in the detection mix. Fitbit will show you these results as a percentage, indicating how much of your night you spent snoring.

Keep in mind that this function can detect snoring from you or someone next to you. These are the possible results you can see:

“None to mild” means that you snored less than 10% of the total time you were asleep.
“Moderate” means that you snored between 10 and 40% of the total time you were asleep.
‘Frequent’ means you snored for> 40% of the total time you were asleep.

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Regardless of detected snoring, your Fitbit will also be able to tell how loud ambient noise is in your room, on a scale of “Too quiet” to “Very strong”.

The noise level table shows the volume in your sleeping environment, including snoring and other ambient noises. This information comes from the sound pressure measured by the microphone of your Fitbit device. Can see:

“Very quiet” (30 dBA or less)
“Quiet” (30–50 dBA)
“Moderate” (50–70 dBA)
“High” (70–90 dBA)
“Very High” (90 dBA or higher)

If having your mic constantly listening at night seems like it would be quite demanding on your fitness tracker, you would be correct. As such, Fitbit recommends charging your device above 40% before bed, and they also explicitly note that using the noise detector will make you need to charge your Fitbit more often.

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For best results, we recommend:

• Do not play white noise or other ambient sounds during sleep.
• Charge your device to at least 40% before going to bed. Please note that this feature requires more frequent loading.

As of today, the noise detector is not widely available for use in the Fitbit app. But we were able to briefly enable the feature to at least configure it, although we haven’t been able to fully test it yet.

Your sleeping animal

Fitbit is also working on another sleep-related feature, titled “Your Sleeping Animal.” Unlike snoring detection, things seem to be still very early in development, as most of the relevant text is currently a placeholder. That said, there are quite a few sleep profiles in the app, between straightforward descriptions and cute animal comparisons.

  • Restless sleeper
  • Segmented sleeper
  • Slow to fall asleep Sleeper
  • Shallow sleeper
  • Bear
  • Short sleeper
  • Solid sleeper
  • The dolphin
  • The giraffe
  • The hummingbird
  • The kangaroo
  • The turtle
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