Fix Netflix Downloads Error on iPhone

Quickly fix the Netflix downloads error that prevents you from continuing to download content with a message that you have already seen.

Today we bring you a solution to this error that appears in Netflix downloads, with a message that tells us that there are “downloads on too many devices.”

Netflix has taken a leap in quality by offering us the possibility of downloading content in its application to later be able to watch it without having to be connected to the Internet. We already explained to you how to make these downloads, if you do not know how to do it, you can click HERE and see how it is done step by step.

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But what happens is that there are many users to whom that message appears that indicates that there are already many downloads on various devices and we are going to explain its solution.


This error is very common to occur and also occurs in the most common way, without giving us why it is happening.

Basically it happens because we have contracted a plan, in which for example only 2 devices can be connected (medium plan) and at the moment that another user with this account also uses these downloads, this message appears.

But we have to say that this error only appears when we make downloads on all the devices that we have contracted and make more downloads on other devices. The solution, very simple.

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If we have already finished seeing what we have downloaded, we delete all the content and leave it at 0, in this way the other devices will be able to download without any problem.

To delete the content, we enter the app, click on the icon “Bill” and then in the tab «My downloads».

Fix Netflix Downloads Error on iPhone

Here we just have to delete everything there is, so that other devices can download as well.

Therefore, if you are one of these users to whom this message appeared, you already know how to solve it quickly. But, if you hire another plan so that more devices can enter, we would avoid doing all this.

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