Focus by Firefox transforms into the Firefox Focus browser

Focus by Firefox, the content blocker, has been updated to become a private browser called Firefox Focus.

Focus by Firefox It was launched last year as a content blocker, but with the new update the guys at Mozilla have given it a twist and, in addition to maintaining the anti-tracking options, they have turned the app into a fast and private browser.


Use the browser Firefox Focus It is very simple. As soon as we open the application, we will see, in the central part of the screen, the search bar, which is where we will have to enter the website we want to visit. We can also perform searches as if we were searching in a search engine, since by doing so the browser itself will perform the search on Google.

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Focus by Firefox transforms into the Firefox Focus browser

When we are on a website, in the upper right part of the browser we will constantly see an icon that says «Erase». If we press it, the browser will be closed and the search carried out or the website visited will be automatically deleted.

As soon as you use the browser you will see that the work they have done from Mozilla is not at all negligible, since we are probably facing one of the fastest browsers for iOS. In addition to the inclusion of the browser, the app continues to have the same settings that it had before, which we can access from the gear icon.

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Focus by Firefox transforms into the Firefox Focus browser

It is clear that with this update to Focus by Firefox, the guys at Mozilla have wanted to offer us a simple and completely anonymous, private and secure support from which to access any website.

Firefox Focus It can be downloaded for free, and if you already have Focus by Firefox installed, you will only have to update the app to access the browser. You can download the app from this link to the App Store.