FREE Apps for a limited time today for iPhone and iPad

Five free apps for iPhone and iPad They are on sale for a limited time. Get the weekend off to a good start and save some money by downloading them.

FREE apps for iPhone and iPad

Here we present the list of free apps to download on your iPhone Y iPad. Five offers that you can not miss and that will surely help you to abstract yourself from your day to day.

These offers are temporary so very soon they will be back at their usual price. Therefore, we recommend you download your favorites as soon as possible.

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Limited-time free apps for iPhone and iPad:

These offers are available at the time of publishing this article. Right at 10:05 p.m. (Spain) on June 3, 2022. If when you try to download them they have become paid, you will have to pay more attention to our article next week.

On Tour Board Game :

On Tour Board Game

Implementation of the popular board game. You are living the dream. You’re in a band and they’re about to go on tour. It’s your job to schedule the band’s stops during the 100-day tour, visiting as many states as possible.

Download On Tour Board Game



First person shooting in portrait mode. Survive the wasteland and complete the missions. The most interesting? no wifi needed to play.


Remote Control-Pro :

Remote Control

Control your computer from the couch, bed, or even from another room. You don’t have to be in sight: the app uses WiFi to connect to your computer. You can even use your Apple Watch to control your computer, isn’t that great?

Download Remote Control

Minimal Folio :

Minimal Folio

The easiest way to present your portfolio of images, videos, and PDFs on your iPad or iPhone.

Download Minimal Folio

Retouch – Smart Eraser Tool :

Retouch – Smart Eraser Tool

This app allows you to efficiently remove unwanted objects from photos. You have no need to learn complex skills. You can remove any object from the photo by simply drawing lines or tapping with our magical object removal technology.

Download Retouch

If you download these apps and then remove them from your device, you can always download them for FREE, whenever you want. That is why it is interesting to download all the free apps that we mentioned. Any day we may need them.

We are waiting for you next week with new offers.