Gasoline prices on Google Maps in Italy

The introduction of petrol pump prices directly within Google Maps it is not an absolute novelty (we told you about it at the beginning of 2021). At that time, however, the novelty was limited to some countries, among which Italy did not figure. Now it seems that instead this novelty is finally approved in our country (after having already seen it in Waze).

The ability to view i gasoline prices in Google Maps it is accessible in two ways. One is to tap on the affected petrol pump. You will automatically be shown the cost of SP95 petrol, the classic “green” petrol. Indications such as SP95, SP98, SP100 concern the octane of unleaded petrol and are essentially the premium versions of the carubarante offered by the petrol pump.

The other way is to tap on the item “Petrol station” in the filter list, or to search for the term “petrol station” in the search bar. In this case it will show you the prices of all the petrol stations in the area, but also in this case indicating the price of unleaded petrol as the price for comparison.

By opening the petrol station card in full, you will have all the fuel prices directly in Google Maps. We have the gasthe dieselbut also the LPG and the Methane. This is certainly a very popular function and it competes with very famous services such as Petrol Prices.