Get a city guide on iPhone thanks to Facebook

Take advantage of the city guide on iPhone thanks to the possibilities offered by Facebook and also totally free.

Today we talk about the city ​​guide on iPhone, an option that we have available on Facebook in a totally free way.

Facebook it is renewed with many possibilities and each time it offers us much more. We have already talked on several occasions about many of the functions that we have in this social network and which we can make use of for free. This time we have discovered the city guides.

With this new function we will be able to see detailed information of many of the important cities.

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The first thing to do is go to the app that we have installed on the iPhone and go directly to the settings menu. To do this, click on the three horizontal bars that we have at the bottom right.

Once we are in this menu, we will see several tabs. Among all those tabs we will see the one we are looking for this time. Therefore we click on «City guide», first we have to click on «See more …».

Get a city guide on iPhone thanks to Facebook

Now we will see the most important cities and also below each one of them will indicate which friends have been in these cities.

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Get a city guide on iPhone thanks to Facebook

To make use of these guides, all we have to do is click on one of these cities and we will see all the necessary information (known places, restaurants, monuments …).

In this simple way we can make use of city guides on iPhone. But we should give thanks to Facebook, since it provides us with all this information for free.

If we take a look at these guides we will see that they are really complete and that they have everything we need to visit that city we are going to go to.