Google search app already has dark mode

The Google app keeps you up to date on what matters most to you. Because it allows you to quickly find answers, search for information on what interests you, and stay up-to-date with Discover. And the more you use it, the more it will learn from you, and the better it will be.

And now Google has decided to add Dark Mode support to its Google Search apps for iOS and Android, and the new functionality is now rolled out on all supported iOS and Android devices.

Anecdotally speaking, dark mode is easier on many people’s eyes, especially in dimly lit rooms.

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Google search app already has dark mode

However, the main benefit of dark mode is its battery saving ability. Dark mode has been shown to add hours to a phone’s battery life.

This is mostly true for phones with OLED displays, as each pixel is individually illuminated. So a black screen means that most of the pixels are off and not consuming battery.

To get dark mode on the Google app, just download the update from the App Store, or from the Play Store if you have an Android device.