Google will fix memory leak in Marshmallow

Android Lollipop was not the operating system that everyone expected and in the end it seemed that Google ‘sold’ more its update than it was actually version 5 of its system. One of the most obvious flaws was the memory leaks and this case was also happening in the new Marshmallow but apparently Google will correct it soon.

Numerous faults can be found and bugs Throughout the history of the android but there are some that do not allow our device to function correctly or smoothly. That’s it what was happening with the memory loss that meant that our smartphone would stop working correctly after a certain period of time.

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Many will remember that in Lollipop, Google tried to fix it with version 5.1 but let’s say that the patch was more temporary than anything else since the errors were not fixed.

Now from the page Google Code we can already see that the bug has been corrected for the latest Marshmallow version and in the next version the problem would be 100% corrected. Although it is not known when this update could occur, it may take much longer or even be ready only for the next Android N. We will have to be aware of what step Google wants to take and if it corrects its current system or prefers to leave everything to future version 7.

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Let’s hope they don’t forget that Marshmallow doesn’t carry that much with us.