Google works to make apps take up less space

Today is the beginning of Google Android Developers Annual Global Event called Playtime. This is a unique opportunity for Google to communicate directly with hundreds of Android developers; and tell them about new tools and features that will help them create the Android apps and Android games of the future.

Yes OK Playtime 2018 It is mainly oriented towards developers, the analysis of what Google announces in Playtime can give us an idea of ​​what the future holds for Android; and the Android apps you download.

This year, Google is putting a great emphasis on developers creating smaller Android apps. According to Google research, for every 6 MB added to the size of an application, the conversion rate of the application installation (that is, the number of users who complete the installation) is reduced by approximately one percent. In other words, how much the smaller the size of the app, the more users will download it.

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Google seeks to reverse the situation

As Android apps get bigger and bigger, it’s better for Google and developers to do whatever it takes to make Android apps smaller. To illustrate the problem, take a look at this graph of the average size of downloaded APKs over time:

Google knows that the trend must be reversed, and as consumers, we can all appreciate these efforts. This is because the smaller our Android apps are, you would have more space on your phone for other applications, music, photos, videos, etc.

To make Android apps smaller, Google is giving developers a new publishing format called the Android App Bundle. It’s a bit technical, but the basic idea is that when you install an application, certain aspects of the application that are used by most of the Android apps in the Google Play Store do not need to be downloaded again; and thus make the overall application size smaller.

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It’s like going to the store to buy ingredients for a recipe; But you don’t have to buy everything because you already have an oven, pans, flour, spoons, plates, etc. in your kitchen. When are you going to buy your ingredients (your application), you only buy (download) what you lack.

Along with reducing the size of Android apps, Google makes it easier than ever for developers to create instant apps. Instant applications they are games and tools that you can try without having to download the complete application. These not only make things more convenient, but it is an essential tool for phones like the ones in the program. Android Go; where data and storage space are very valuable commodities.

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Previously, developers would have to create two versions of their app or game; one for the instant application and one for the actual application. Now, you can create an application that does it all; what will make your life easier.

What Google is talking about Playtime 2018

1- Google Play Instant It will allow people to test Android games before the game even starts. This will help with conversion rates; and it will generate additional buzz for premium titles.

2- Now there is deeper knowledge from the developer about the app locks and other performance issues. This will help developers learn about problems more quickly; and hopefully correct the situation more efficiently.

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3-Google is testing tools to allow users temporarily suspend in-app subscriptions instead of canceling them entirely. Developers will be able to request users to update an application; and then perform that update without the user having to exit the application.

4- Google is launching Academy for App Success. This will enable developers to create great applications with high conversion rates. Is available in english today with new languages ​​coming soon.

Playtime 2018 continues for a while after today’s release, so we look forward to more development news soon!