Grandma receives an iPad as a gift on her 100th birthday

With the iPad we have seen all kinds of videos, from a cat facing the iPad, to a group of boys smashing the iPad with a baseball bat. However, there are more substantial things like today’s story.

The video above shows a 99-year-old Virginia, Oregon woman who has been gifted an iPad by her grandchildren for her upcoming 100th birthday. The grandmother, despite her vision difficulties, has become very fan of the iPad and according to her account thanks to the iPad she can enjoy reading and writing again.

In fact, the old lady since she received the iPad two weeks ago, has read two books and written 12 short poems (or rhymes), one of them says:

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To this technical-ninny it’s clear
In my compromised 100th year
That to read and to write
Are again within sight
Of this Apple iPad pioneer.

Obviously, in Spanish it would not rhyme but in English it definitely would, and it shows that at one hundred years old, the grandmother is still quite lucid.

Another interesting thing is that these types of articles let us see clearly how visionary Apple is as a company, and at the same time how ‘magical’ the iPhone platform is. I say this because it is no longer about the hardware specs and whether or not it has USB ports. It’s about making a device and operating system that are so incredibly easy to use, and so much fun, that even a 100-year-old who has never used a computer can use it and enjoy reading and writing on it.

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