GTA 4 – Update brought songs back but broke the save

UpdateA: Meanwhile, at the time of this post, Rockstar has withdrawn the patch, so if you haven’t downloaded it before, all your saves will work properly. Unfortunately, the previously removed music will also not exist. I’m assuming the patch will return to Steam when the developers fix the save corruption issue.

GTA IV: Complete Edition got a new update.

Rockstar Games, when returning its game to the Steam platform, was forced to temporarily remove a number of songs from it. However, as reported by Reddit users, the last update, which has appeared on this over 12-year-old title, restored previously deleted radio stations and songs. This content is part of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, which is bundled with the base game as Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition in a recent update.

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Some owners of Grand Theft Auto IV However, they don’t have too much to be happy about, as they also made their way to the game with the songs bugs that often prevent you from enjoying the game. Steam users complain about, among other things broken saves, problems with starting missions after cut-scenes or loading the game. Valve’s forum has been flooded with complaints, so we’ll probably get a response from Rockstar Games soon.

GTA IV made its debut on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles and on PC in 2008. Despite small problems for the premiere, the game finally achieved cult status. Although she is already 12 years old, she is still supported by both creators and modders. Recently we could see even a map from GTA IV in 4K, reproduced on the GTA V engine.

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