GTA Online – a bug gives players immortality


  • Reddit user Nick Gunflyzegaming has discovered an interesting glitch in GTA Online that allows you to become immortal.
  • The person using this bug is immune to the attacks of other players and most NPCs, and the car he is moving in is indestructible.
  • However, he also cannot kill other players.
  • Unlike the passive mode (which is already implemented in GTA Online), the player can use weapons and complete VIP missions.

One of the Reddit users managed to discover an interesting bug in the GTA Online game from Rockstar Games studio. It turns out that this multiplayer mode for the already iconic GTA 5 has a glitch that it allows you to become almost immortal. Gunflyzegaming describes in his posthow to induce this condition. As commenters note, this is a kind of passive mode (which is officially implemented in the game), but with a few extra bonuses.

How to trigger an error – step by step instruction

To use the glitch, there are a few quite specific steps first:

  • Find someone who uses a different shooting pattern than yours, or switch yourself (Free Aim vs. Assisted Aim). This is important for a later stage.
  • Go to the Ammu-Nation weapon chain.
  • Then you should approach the armor display.
  • Then you need to join a player with the opposite type of control than yours, accept and then quickly leave the party.
  • In the speed dial menu, select the kill option.
  • When you see that your character is pulling pills, you should reconnect with someone with the opposite targeting model. Once again, you should “accept” and “decline” joining, and then start spamming the interaction button. At this point, the player should be in the armor menu and the screen will change to black and white.
  • Then you just need to wait for the game to teleport you outside the store.
  • Immortality on.

Glitch gives immortality, but there are limitations.

Pros and cons of glitch

Certainly, such a glitch has its advantages. Unlike the passive mode, the bug allows you to perform VIP missions. Additionally the immortal mode also carries over to vehicles. However, there are limitations – while there is nothing other players can do to someone using the glitch, they can it cannot kill others (which is fair, by the way). Additionally, some NPC characters (e.g. policemen) deal normal damage.

The developers will certainly make every effort to eliminate this bug as soon as possible. Of course, the editors do not encourage the use of this method, and are not responsible for any bans!

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