GTA Online – alien gangs attack players

“We come in peace”? Phi, this is for space mollusks (Source: Reddit).

Only two days ago, the UFO material recorded by American pilots was declassified. Apparently, the aliens are not thrilled about this and have invaded the servers Grand Theft Auto Online. Reddit witnesses have captured aliens terrorizing virtual Los Santos, including the abduction of its residents. They have lost their flying saucers somewhere and have to settle for an old delivery truck, and instead of inhuman experiments they prefer the traditional earthly greeting (read: beating), but this does not reduce the dread of the whole situation. Fortunately, aliens are just as keen to cooperate with other groups of aliens as humans are among themselves. Effect – gang clashes not of this land in the city streets.

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GTA Online – alien gangs attack playersAliens express their admiration for human culture by adapting the customs and tools of the natives (source: Reddit).

But seriously?

The Martian outfit is nothing new, and neither is its use in a fun way. The Green Martian Bodysuit and its purple counterpart were added with the c****o opening in The Diamond C****o & Resort update. The following month, we saw a group of “aliens”, and at the beginning of the year, a gang of Minions roamed the streets of Los Santos. However, the massive invasion came about two weeks ago after Reddit’s StraightWhiteMale02 post. It happened that the aliens had their own forum on the site, which currently has 2,500 users. In response, the game features the guys in black and the Republican Space Rangers, as well as monkey gangs waging war against the aliens.

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GTA Online – alien gangs attack playersThere are times when players are not particularly interested in the goals set by the developers.

These types of spontaneous events using elements present in the game are nothing new. If you’ve played in Free Roam in any online shooter, you may have come across a situation where enemy teams would give up and try to do something extraordinary (or extremely stupid, but undoubtedly fun). Games with an open world, which do not limit us even from time to time, give a greater field to show off. Fallout 76 players could see what the more creative people can do lured into the deadly maze.

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How to get the alien outfit?

GTA Online – alien gangs attack playersIt doesn’t take much to join strangers – after all, money opens every door.

The Green Martian Bodysuit can be purchased from any clothing store at Grand Theft Auto Online. The outfit can be found in the “Outfits” tab in the “Outfits: Arena of War” group and in the “Bodysuits” category. Unlocking costs a lot, as much as $ 358,000 and $ 330,000 for the purple version (unless you were lucky enough to get a discount in Arena War). Fortunately, an outfit is all you need to terrorize humanity and your cosmic brothers.

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