Happy Birthday Apple !!!

A day like today, April 1st but from 1976 the young Steve Jobs Y Steve Wozniak, officially founded the most beloved and probably one of the most successful company of the computer age. I mean Apple computer, who today celebrates 32 years of its founding. Since those days when Jobs and Wozniak assembled Apple I’s by hand, it can be said that the world of computers has changed a lot, but what remains a constant is Apple as pioneers of new technologies and as trendsetters.

Although today Apple not only makes computers, they continue to maintain a preferential and enviable level in the market for laptops and even desktop computers. However, his foray into the world of multimedia entertainment and communication is undoubtedly his main source of income at the moment, and probably also in the immediate future.

Happy Birthday Apple !!!

Today is a happy day for the Apple community, because today the main member of the family celebrates 32 years of success, of innovations, of millions of lives touched in one way or another. In fact, according to a survey carried out by to 2,000 readers from 107 countries, Apple is the brand with the greatest impact among consumers, and not only speaking of technology companies, but at a general level.

For this and for much more… .Long and Happy Life to Apple !!!

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