Have fun with Facebook Messenger games on iOS

We already have Facebook Messenger games available to enjoy on our iPhone and iPad, a good way to pass the time.

Today we are going to teach you enjoy Facebook Messenger games from our iPhone or from the iPad, depending on the device we use to use this application.

Facebook Messenger it has evolved considerably since it took hold in the market for instant messaging applications. And it is that to face the almighty that there are today, it has to offer something different from what WhatsApp or Telegram offers us, that is why they give us the possibility of playing classic games.

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And from APPerlas we are going to show you how we can enjoy these games.


What we have to do is enter the app and go to any of the conversations we have or start a new one.

From here, we will see in the bar that appears on the keyboard, that at the end of everything we have an icon with 3 points, which we must press.

Have fun with Facebook Messenger games on iOS

By clicking here, we see a new menu with functions that we can download for Facebook Messenger, but also a tab that says “Games” . Here we must press …

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Have fun with Facebook Messenger games on iOS

And we will finally see all the games that we can play and also challenge that person with whom we are talking. We have a fairly long list, among which undoubtedly stands out the famous “Pack-Man”.

Have fun with Facebook Messenger games on iOS

In this simple way, we can enjoy Facebook Messenger games and use them to kill time, challenge our friends …

In short, a new success on the part of the Facebook developers, who offer us something totally new and which we can make use of without having to pay absolutely anything.