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Here’s what Wear OS 3 really looks like: do you like it?

Here’s what Wear OS 3 really looks like: do you like it?

The world of smartwatches has recently seen the arrival of a new and illustrious member. Let’s talk about the new Montblanc Summit 3, the premium smartwatch that represents the new generation of the Summit series that we have already known in the past. The new smartwatch arrives as the first with Wear OS 3 after Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 series.

After its official presentation where we got to know its main technical specifications, the time has come to give take a closer look to the device. Specifically, we have a way to have a preview of its graphical interface.

This is no small thing because we have the opportunity to see for the first time what Wear OS 3 is like without Samsung customizations. In fact, on Galaxy Wach 4 we find a version of Wear OS 3 customized with the proprietary skin Samsung, which we will most likely only see on the wearables of the South Korean house.

Along with the launch of the new Montblanc smartwatch came a series of interesting videos, which show how certain sections of Wear OS 3 work. Montblanc states that with the new Wear OS 3 it will no longer be required to use the Wear OS app on smartphone for the first pairing but that the procedure will be used Fast Pairsimilar to what we saw for Bluetooth headsets.

Then the gestures and buttons are shown to navigate within the system interface. In addition to the features associated with the buttonssuch as the rotating crown, which may vary according to the type of device, we recognize that the gesture remain present. However, we immediately see that some of them have been renewed compared to Wear OS 2. For example, swiping down will take you directly to quick settings with Wear OS 3.

The following videos show how some of them work core appslike the one for plotting the sleepmeasure it stresscarry out exercises of breathingmonitor the heart rate and monitor physical activity. These activities are carried out with the Montblanc app dedicated to the smartwatch.

In these videos, however, we can have a further overview of how it was renewed the interface graphics of Wear OS 3. The animations seem smoother, the graphics have been slim downincluding the font, and the system settings have also been redesigned. The color tone instead they remain similar to those seen on Wear OS 2, with each section of the system featuring a specific hue.

What we have just seen on the new Montblanc Summit 3 should arrive on all smartwatches for which the update to Wear OS 3 is planned. In this article we have listed which models are already on the market that they should be compatible with the new version of the operating system.