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“High Five!”: The joyful emoji coming to Android and iOS

“High Five!”: The joyful emoji coming to Android and iOS

As every year, on the occasion of the World Emoji Day (July 17), the list of emojis that will soon arrive on Android and iOS smartphones, as well as obviously on all devices capable of displaying this content, was presented. Emojipedia, the site that collects all emojis, showed a first emoji design coming in 2022 and 2023.

L’Unicode Consortiumthe body that deals with defining the Unicode standard and therefore the various emojis and their meaning, has defined 31 new emojis, which in any case must be accepted by all members before they can be definitively released. The new emojis are shown below, but we remind you that the design will change depending on the operating system.

So let’s start with one make it tremblenew colorful hearts (light blue, light gray and pink) and the hands that “push left or right” (can also be used to high-fives if used together), obviously available in various skin colors and in the classic neutral yellow. To these are added new animals, such as the moose, the donkey, the goose, an unspecified black bird and a jellyfish, as well as one single white wing.

Finally, to complete the equipment of the new emojis, we find a purple flowerof the ginger it’s a pod of peasof the maracasa flutea hair comba folding fan and two symbols (that of Wi-Fiwhich strangely had not yet been created, and one concerning the Sikh religion).

As mentioned, these new emojis will now have to be approved by the Unicode Consortium: in all likelihood, they will start arriving on our smartphones starting at the end of the year. We therefore leave you to the first emoji designs, which as anticipated will change based on the operating system in use.

The latest emojis arrived

Version 14 of Unicode, presented in July last year, brought with it several particular emojis: the list contained, among others, the “face that melts”of the beansan ‘swingthe emoji running the military salute and what yes covers the mouth. Other emojis that have arrived with this version are hands forming a heart, hands shaking, a goblin and the X-ray emoji. For the complete list, we refer you to the related article.

To give an idea of ​​the release times of the new emojis, remember that those relating to Unicode 14 were presented in July 2021, but only arrived on iPhone in March of this yearwith the release of iOS version 15.4.