How can I search for an application in the ITunes App Store in a web browser?

I would like to look for an application in the apple archive in a web browser if this is possible. I know this is possible by installing iTunes, but I don’t like doing this and I hope you don’t need to do a simple search for an application. This way I could send a link of a URL to someone to show the application. Is it possible? In GooglePlay it’s so simple and intuitive, but in MAC-World I’m lost again with a simple request.

I know the application exists, because I wrote it myself and I can find it with the “App Store” – App on my IPad, so I’m sure it exists.

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I would be happy if someone guided me to this feature-search, if it exists.

iTunes has a search application as documented here, it is not necessary to use Google. To search for applications only, set the entity in the software . If you want to call this from your website via JavaScript, you will probably also need to set the callback to something appropriate.

Here is a sample search URL that will return results for apps with “myApp”

You could use Google and the site: scheme.

For example, you can type the search engine: sleep 

This list lists all the apps from the site which contains the keyword sleep .

To get a link, there is a way. – Go to Itunes – Click on the applications and select “create a link”. Then you have something like this: this can be sent

Very frustrating, there is no way to get this shortcut without ITunes. Mac is unuserfriendly!

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