How do I disable / restrict apps from updating automatically (Chrome iOS)?

I’m having an issue where an older version of Chrome iOS 43 is updated to make Chrome iOS 50. I think iOS will do it automatically in the middle of the night. I haven’t touched the iPhone 6 since yesterday afternoon, but this morning I noticed Chrome iOS updated to the latest version. I have to use Chrome iOS 46 or older because Chrome iOS 47 and later changed to a different engine. The data saver feature is gone and I am counting on keeping my monthly bandwidth allotment checked. Must there be a way to automatically restrict application updates?

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Turn off automatic updates: App settings> iTunes and App Store> Turn off updates.

You should manually choose to update applications in the future from the App Store tab> Updates.

Not sure Google has released Data Saver though. How to turn it on in Chrome for iOS might be a different question to ask.

Another couple of things you want to consider is using Safari with an ad blocker. Adguard is what I use and it prevents ad insertion in Safari, so browsing uses less data. And the other thing would be to get a data monitoring application (I use smartapp) so that you can get a better sense of how much data you have and are using.

And of course, use WiFI where available and make sure settings in other apps don’t load as much content on mobiles.

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