How should I properly format my 5th generation iPod nano?

I’ve been the happy owner of a 5th gen, 8Gb iPod nano for a few years. Over the years I have added and deleted many songs, lyrics, album art, etcetera and recently thought that something was corrupted in the unit: when I would add a new album artwork to a song, I would not work or add the art album of a song to many other totally independent songs.

This thread is excellent for getting started with troubleshooting, but it didn’t help an iPod nano much (diagnostic mode is limited to this model).

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The repair permissions (or actually “First Aid” as it’s now called) found nothing.

So I backed up all the songs I had on it to my MBP. I also checked that the files weren’t corrupt.

I would like to reset the device the best possible way, before putting the tracks on it.

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When I launched the El Capitan disk utility (new), there was a new setting that I hadn’t seen in previous versions, called “pattern”.

The options are:

  1. GUID partition map
  2. Master Boot Record
  3. Apple partition map

I’m not sure what to use for an iPod nano and couldn’t find anything online.

The best way to manage an iPod restore is to do it from iTunes.

iTunes knows what it is and how it formats – it also actually formats differently depending on whether you have iTunes on a PC or Mac, to allow for easier file management later on.

  • If it is a model with a block switch on top turn off the closure first – Some templates crash if you don’t.

  • Insert into computer, launch iTunes if it does not launch automatically.

  • Click the device icon in the top bar, choose the iPod if you see more devices listed.

  • Click Restore. Follow the instructions on the screen.
    You should then re-sync.

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