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How to add a credit card to Instagram from the iPhone

How to add a credit card to Instagram from the iPhone

We show you how to add a credit card to Instagram, in order to make purchases without having to enter our data every time.

So you can add a credit card to Instagram

Today we are going to teach you add a credit card to Instagram. A good way to save time when buying something from this social network.

Surely you have ever seen a product published and wanted to buy it. On more than one occasion, you will have been put off by not having your card at hand and therefore not being able to make the payment. This tends to happen very often and the developers know it, so they have remedied.

We will show you what this remedy is, which will allow us to save our credit card without any problem.

How to save a credit card on Instagram

The first thing we must do is go to the app. Once inside, we go to our profile and directly to the settings, from where we will be able to do everything.

Inside we will see several aspects that we can modify our account without any problem. In this case we are interested in the tab “Payments”.

Click on the payment tab in settings

We click on it and go directly to the payment settings through this app. As what we want is to add a card, we must click on the first tab, which is the “Payment method”.

Now we have two options and we must select the one that interests us the most. We can choose credit card or account of PayPal

Select your preferred payment method

We select and add the data. When we have them added, we save them and that’s it. We will already have our payment method saved and ready to be used whenever we want.

In this simple way we can save our payment method and make purchases without any problem.