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How to add items to Keepa, the best Amazon tracker

How to add items to Keepa, the best Amazon tracker

We show you the way to power add items to Keepa and thus keep track of them to buy them when their price drops.

So you can add items to Keepa

Today we are going to teach you add items to Keepa. Without a doubt, the best Amazon price tracker, which can allow us to buy the item we are looking for… at the price we want.

When we want to buy anything, we always look in countless places, to find that item at the highest possible discount. We can also do this on Amazon, since it is the place where the most discounts occur and also on unexpected days, that is, on dates when nobody expects it.

For this, there are certain trackers, such as Keepa, which allows us to activate an alert and find a product at a price that we have previously chosen. Today we are going to teach you how to create this type of alerts.

How to add items to Keepa

The process is very simple and in a few steps we will be able to create our own alert with the article that we have chosen. Therefore, We go to the app.

Once we are here, we will see that we have a search engine. This is found at the bottom with the magnifying glass icon. We click on this and in the bar that appears at the top, we must enter the name of the article that we want to search for.

When we have already found it, a list will appear like on Amazon. We select the item we want, and this is where the magic happens. At the bottom, we see a series of sections and one of them with the name of «Product in follow-up».

Click on the tracking tab

Click on this tab, which will take us to another screen in which it explains how we can create the alert. What we must do is click on the bell icon which we see in the bottom left.

Click on the bell icon

And finally we come to the section that really interests us. Here we must create our alert, we can select a discount percentage or manually add the price we want…

Add the discount we want

When we have it, click on the tab “Add” and we will have it ready. In this simple way we can add any Amazon item to get it with a significant discount.