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How to add lyrics / lyrics to songs on your iPhone or iPod touch

Today I am going to show you how to add lyrics to songs on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The process is quite simple and you will only need the lyrics of the song in question to later add it manually.

Some will wonder if there is no way to add the lyrics in an automated way and the answer is yes, however, before explaining the automatic way I want you to know how to do it manually.

The first step is to choose a song and download the lyrics from your favorite lyrics site. If you don’t have any, you can search,, or

In my case I have chosen the song Champion by Chipmunk and Chris Brown, so I go to azlyrics, I copy the lyrics ..

The next step is to go to iTunes and right click on the song you want to add lyrics / lyrics to. You must click where it says “Get information”.

Then you go to the tab “Lyrics” and paste the lyrics / lyrics that you copied previously. Then hit the button that says “OKAY”. Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will synchronize the change and voila, you already have the lyrics in your song.

Now when you play the song, the lyrics will appear on the screen, as seen in the image.

If you followed all the steps and the lyrics don’t appear, then they are probably disabled. To enable them go to the application “Settings” and click on the iPod icon and turn on the switch that says “Information and lyrics”.

You should now see the lyrics / lyrics of the song.